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affordable wordpress web design services

If you are looking for affordable QUALITY WordPress web design services and need a professionally structured well laid out website with great aesthetics, you’ve come to the right people. We provide WordPress web design services for small businesses and startups but also for individuals. We will build you one according to your budget. You can get a basic site with up to 5 pages or get as fancy as you’d like. No matter what you should choose, the site will be created to be both search engine friendly and mobile friendly as those are the 2 key design aspects required nowadays to have the best chances of visibility on the net.

If you already have a website but need a website redesign to make it look better or be better navigational for the search engines or need to fix just specific issues, feel free to call. We specialize in WordPress sites but can work on any site.

Should you be needing content for your site, yes, I can provide banner, logo, all graphics and video to suit your budget. I can even provide the best blogging services which will be written with the best keywords to cater for the search engines to give you the best changes of visibility on Google. The writing will also cater for the reader with “call to action” style of writing which will encourage your readers to seek your services.

Our pricing starts at $399 for custom sites with 1-5 pages and $499 for up to 10 pages.

For ecommerce [Retail] sites, with full shopping cart integration and up to 25 products, pricing starts at $699. Adding more products will be priced accordingly.

We can also offer an affordable effective monthly SEO marketing package, you can view the marketing details here on my Digital Marketing page.

Please feel free to ask any questions at all, thank you.