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website malware cleaning preventing hacking

When you need to do WordPress Malware Cleaning, moving your WordPress sites from one Hosting Company to another is not the answer. Hosting Companies cannot prevent your site from getting viruses or hacking attacks, this YOU have to do on your own. Also cleaning a site after it’s infected can be very costly from some companies as can be seen here from Godaddy: 

Clean Wordpress Website Infections [Malicious Codes] 

Should your Hosting Company disable your site because their scanner shows “Malicious Codes”, we will first create a backup of all files then clean the files while keeping the original code so the Hosting Company can make your site live again.  Having downtimes for your site means losing money.  

90 Day Warranty 

Since most site owners take a “shared hosting” package from their Hosting Company, this means should other sites on their server get infected then your site can get infected too. You get 90 days warranty from us so should your site get infected again after our cleanup then we will clean it again during the 90 days without any additional cost to you. 

Full Backup 

We can provide a full backup of your clean site so should your site ever get infections again at any time in the future, you will have the files to restore the site back to normal. 

Preventing Hacking 

There is no foolproof way to stop professional hackers as they are always finding new ways to get in and especially if your site should be targeted. What can be done is to put a security system in place to try to minimize the chances of a hacker getting in or at the very least make it very difficult for them. You can contact us for more details on exactly all that will be done for this. 

So for all of your WordPress Malware Cleaning tasks, I am easily available by phone, email or text. 718-219-9733. Or you can use the contact form here.

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