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Need reliable and professional Virtual Assistance

virtual assistance services

virtual assistance

In the past, business owners and upper management had the choice of handling all their administrative tasks themselves or getting part-time or full time virtual assistance, with all the time and expense of interviewing and training them, and putting them on payroll. VA’s offer a third option of an already trained and qualified executive assistant who works just as hard for you but from a remote location.

The right virtual office assistant can free you up to tackle the important work of your company – or make it possible for you to leave the office early, secure in the thought that you accomplished the strategic work of your business as well as the day-to-day tasks.

Get virtual assistance if:

You feel overwhelmed with your workload
Need help digging out from the administrative work
You could focus more on what you and only you can do
Want to be more productive and less stressed
You know you need help but can’t afford someone full time
Don’t want the hassle of recruiting and hiring
You want and need more margins in your life

7 advantages of hiring a virtual assistant:

1] No need to increase your office space
2] No need to buy any hardware
3] No need to hire any full time employee
4] No need to worry about sick leaves
5] No need to pay for vacations
6] No need to worry about high salaries
7] No need to worry about high salaries

I am interested in these or any similar jobs or tasks:

• Remote Computer Tech Support
• Web design services
• SEO services
• Blog management
• Website management
• Online Dispatcher
• Ad creation
• Ad postings online
• Real Estate Listings [Must be by owner]
• Property Management
• Social tasks
• One time projects
• Online Wholesaling/retailing
• Administrative tasks:
• Taking calls
• Scheduling appointments
• Organizing files
• Project tracking
• Sales and orders management
• Internet research

I can do basically anything so I will consider any type of job in any field but sorry I am not interested in anything directly finance related. I also have a strong background in digital music and both playing and coaching sports. I am totally reliable and efficient and pour total effort into anything I do. I can provide THE BEST references anyone can get from local Professionals in and out of the Computer industry. Please contact Mike by email or call me at 718-219-9733 if you are in need of virtual assistance? I have a resume I can send to you upon request.

Thank you.

virtual assistance services