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affordable website and seo services

Not everyone can afford to pay the high prices charged by the computer industry for quality work and so I aim to provide quality, reliable, affordable and professional remote services. Because I work out of my private home office in Queens, New York, I can guarantee affordable pricing and highly personalized solutions for a large number of computer related support problems.

I also have extensive customer support and service experience having done online Wholesaling and Retailing on Ebay, Amazon and from my own ecommerce site, which allows me to offer a wide range of services.

In addition, I use modern powerful computers to do my remote support work with windows 10 software and Intel i5 processors. I have Verizon FIOS internet service so you get rock solid quality fast internet connection with usually no down time. My work computers are always virus-free so no security issues for your pc.

I will be able to  offer remote support with very strict standards for privacy and confidentiality.

Remote Services I provide:

Remote Tech Support – Offering Help Desk and/or Technical Support.

Virtual Assistance – General remote Administrative or Office help, please see my Virtual Assistance page for more info.

WordPress Web design – In today’s tech-savvy world, you need to be able to reach your audiences through your webpage, social media and search engines. Having a site which is built to be both SEO friendly and Mobile friendly is essential for the search engines and for easy and effective user navigation.

Digital Marketing – Including Organic SEO, Blogging and all Social Media so that you can communicate with your desired audience and attract new customers.

Website Repair & Maintenance – We specialize in WordPress repair but can handle general repair and maintenance on any site.

For Cyber Security Services, you can visit these guys here:

Thank you, and God bless!

affordable wordpress web design services
affordable website maintenance services